The Name

The general framing of the title of this podcast is not original with me. I may be the first to have used the title theme for a podcast, but others much wiser and much more noble than I introduced the idea a long time ago; and others have borrowed from it as have I. As […]

Analog Church

In a day an age where our world clamors for digital and virtual immersion and shies away from analog and physical presence, Jay Kim, pastor, teacher, and now author addresses this anomaly head-on in his book Analog Church. On a late October afternoon in Silicon Valley, California, Jay sits down with me and a group […]

Solid Joys vs. My Addictions

a guest post from Bob Bixby, church-planter and pastor in Silicon Valley, originally shared as a post on Facebook Solid joys and lasting treasure None but Zion’s children know ~ John Newton Solid joys. This is what I need. This is what my soul needs. Because I am an addict. I am addicted to Me. […]